The norm.

Welcome back to the ETC blog. Last week we considered my poem ‘The Millennium Dream’ which first appeared in blog 107, and I shared some of the insights into what I was trying to do. This week I want to finish it off.


Your ooz and arrz soon lost their vowels as you

dropped off again, on the sofa.


If you take away the vowel sounds /uː/ and /ɑː/ (often heard at firework displays) you are left with the voiced consonant sound /z/ a sound often used to show people are sleeping! In English, if you ‘drop off’ you go to sleep. ‘Dropped’ also rhymes with ‘propped’ in the previous verse and has the same /ɒ/ vowel sound, shorter and more energetic. ‘Sofa’ sounds cosier than ‘settee’, doesn’t it? The stress is on ‘ooz’, ‘arrz’, ‘lost’, ‘vowels’, ‘dropped’, ‘off’, ‘again’.


Sorry, we carried you upstairs and

popped you back into your own warm beds.


‘Sorry’, because we’d woken you up and now realised that it was a daft idea! ‘Popped’ you back into your warm beds; in English you also pop food into the oven to heat it up, or pop the kettle on to heat it. ‘Popped you back’ sounds much nicer than, ‘returned you’, and rhymes with ‘propped’ and ‘dropped’ in the previous verses, short sounds to reflect the movement of the action.


Later that century, over breakfast, we wondered

why we all felt so grizzly.


‘Later that day’, sounds OK, but ‘later that century’ sounds a bit unusual, hopefully amusing. We all felt grizzly from  lack of sleep, is implied by the repeated ‘zz’ in the middle of the word grizzly!


Hope you enjoyed this little departure from the norm. Next week I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

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